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 protected species

Brown Longeared bats newt Since wildlife legislation became directly linked to the Planning Process, largely through the publication of PPS9 “Biodiversity & Geological Conservation” (download pdf, 249Kb) in 2005 it has been necessary for certain planning applications to be supported by Protected Species Surveys prior to validation and determination of schemes to ensure adequate protection is given “ prevent harm to biodiversity and geological conservation interests”.

Such surveys and accompanying reports should be completed by Natural England licensed surveyors, who, by implication are specialists in the associated species. Our protected species surveys are therefore lead by experienced surveyors with appropriate licences. We are able to produce reports for a variety of project sizes and are able to carry out the necessary assessments at various stages of the project from its inception through the planning process, Natural England licence applications, and ultimately to monitoring post-completion where necessary.

Where mitigation measures have been stipulated on a site we are able to supply or advise on the provision of any required wildlife products.

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